Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is a heritage brand whose aim is to bring fun, whimsy and fashion to their very loyal, multi-generational customers.


Lilly’s brand, in the broadest sense, was not coming through on the old site. The look and feel was sterile, the experience bland, and the images did not do justice to the exciting fun prints and patterns Lilly Pulitzer is known for. The user did not cater to the most important things Lilly fans wanted know; first, what prints are coming? What are available? How do I get in on the Lilly community? Second, What’s New? What kinds of outfits does Lilly think are fun this season?


Fry worked with the Lilly team to come up with a whole new interpretation of the Lilly Pulitzer brand online and design a user experience that made Lilly fans come back again and again.

Big photos and full page ZOOM Lilly fans can see the detail in the prints without having to click anything and if they want to see even more, a full-page zoom lets them see every last detail of the dress.

Shop by Print Lilly fans love the prints, and once they fall in love, they want everything the print is on. To make this easy, and to allow browsing all the prints as a collection, “Shop by Print” shows each item the print applies to and even allows for fans to get an inside peek at the inspiration behind and making of the print.

Photo Gallery Lilly is social, so their site should be too! Customers can submit photos of themselves wearing Lilly and write a story about what it means to live a ‘colorful life.’ Other customers can “like” or “send” via Facebook driving traffic back to Lilly, and introducing more customers to the brand.

The Lilly Story It was very important for the site to communicate the heritage of the brand, and the unique story of Lilly herself. Fry was able to take the content of the story and transform it into a visual tale, fun to read and fun to explore on the site!


Post launch, Lilly Pulitzer doubled the sales of their annual sale event over the previous year. We are able to accommodate iPad shoppers through design, with over 50% of Lilly customers checking out on an iPad. Conversion is up and traffic to the stand-out features is increasing weekly. 

  • Multi-channel strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Creative Design
  • User Research 
  • Navigation Design
  • Analytics
  • Personas
Launch the site