The Omni-Channel Experience: It’s About Time

When Tourneau decided to take the plunge into eCommerce, they chose Fry/MICROS-Retail as their partner.


As the leading luxury watch retailer in the United States, Tourneau needed an eCommerce-enabled site as luxurious and innovative as the products they sell. The platform also had to support content that would reestablish Tourneau's horological expertise and authoritative voice of the brands they carry.


Fry developed a unique navigation system that intersperses content among products and products within content, empowering customers with knowledge about everything from esoteric complications, to top-shelf liquors, to book collecting. Browsing is simple and unfussy --large product images silhouetted on a white background, without names or price. Timepiece shoppers browse watches by how they look when in a store--why not allow the same experience online? The lines between online and in-store are blurred further by the "tray:" users can add timepieces to a virtual tray and then schedule a live appointment. The Tourneau sales professional will then meet the customer at a preappointed time at the customer’s chosen store, with that customer’s selections ready to evaluate in an actual tray.

The presentation of luxury brands is also innovative. The brand section templates easily scale up and down depending on how much content each brand is able to provide. Rounding out mix is rich content provided by Conde Nast, the upscale New York publisher.


Engagement and Tablet Happiness
The time customers spend on site and pages per visit have increased by 77% and 139%, respectively, suggesting that customers are more engaged with the redesigned site and the enhanced content is appreciated.

Underscoring our belief that tablets are a significant entry point to eCommerce, tablets comprise more than 60% of new visits to the site with a slightly higher page per visit ratio than a standard browser, suggesting the experience customers have on the tablet is comparable, if not exceptional to their desktop.

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